Saturday, 11 June 2011

exploring the Czech countryside

When I asked my friend what to take on my trip to the Czech Republic I received a funny text:
"Hi from the air. Apart from nice girly dresses and colourful panties :P 
take swimsuit, sunlotion and CDs for the car stereo..."

view from George's Bridge
I did as he told me and arrived in beautiful and sunny Czech Republic. Most people have heard about the beauty of Prague, but also the countryside has a lot to offer.

view from Castle Melnik
Where else can you sit on a castle terrace, watching the rivers Labe and Vltava unite and enjoy a quiche with a glas of white wine from the castle cellars while listening to the castle owner's opinion of women? (I have to admit, that when asked about my language skills, I could have mentioned that I do understand french!)

Castle Melnik

Or visit the place where Casanova has lived the longest periode of his life and wrote his famous "Memoires"? Also a trip to the mountains is possible or to one of the famous Spas.

Casanova Castle Duchcov
I was travelling basically by train and felt very comfortable and have made nice encounters with the local people though the language was sometimes a bit of a difficulty but never a real problem.

wine cellar in Kuks

My favourite food is definitly pancakes with hot cherries and ice cream and also the garlic soup is really tasty and special. Still searching for a good recipe to try at home.

me sunbathing in Litomysl

If you are interessted in czech fashion design, have a look at the following links:
We have found the little boutique of Petra Pilarova in the beautiful city of Kutna Hora with its amazing gothic cathedral!

Happy exploring!
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Alice Cooper,
Amy Winehouse,
Elvis Presley,
Sex Pistols,
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