Tuesday, 30 August 2011

poetry in colour by Rémy Zaugg

I want to introduce the work of the Swiss artist Rémy Zaugg who is among architects quite famous for his collaboration with the Swiss architecs Herzog & de Meuron.
His paintings are special because they achive in their minimalism to play with the observer's perception by questioning the surrounding.

And, if I ate an unripe apple,
the poisonnous green wouldn't exist anymore.

But I, the painting, I listen to the smell of a violet.

Monday, 29 August 2011

autumn feelings

...listening to Nina Hagen with a cup of tea in my hands and watching the rain from my sofa.

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

wild west

I got this beautiful "necklace" some time ago and it reminds me a bit of a saloon girl of an old western movie.
The designer is Jenni Ahtiainen who has her own boutique gTIE here in Helsinki. She designs creative neckware for men and women and among her customers are some famous finnish it's always fun to visit her shop which is basicaly black and red.

dekoltti "Charleston"

But thinking of saloon girls, I want to show you one of my inspiration for this autum by DSQUARED². I like the feminine interpretation of a wild west hero in the current collection. The masculine materials and cuts emphazise even more the femininity of the women. The materials reach from soft fur to rough and shinny leather and the dominating colours are black, denim blue and a dark wine red.

Fall/Winter 2011

Monday, 15 August 2011

Souvenir from Switzerland

There is a new reference collection of the famous Swiss Freitag bags, I came across already last year on a short visit to Berlin. I couldn't resist...

Saturday, 13 August 2011

Zurich - sunbathing with mountain view

My first journey brought me to Zurich where a friend of mine has recently moved. A good reason for us two girls to explore the city. 

the city center

To get an overview, we climbed on the church tower of the Grossmünster. The french writer Victor Hugo has described, the double towers which are a landmark of the city as "pepper mills"! Have a look on their shape and you will recognise!

Grossmünster: first impressions over the roofs of Zurich

The first thing I have spotted from one of the pepper mills is the old bathing place for women which is called "Frauenbadi"
All around the lake Zurich and the river Limmat, you can find this nice little bathing places, some of them made of wood and floating on the water, some of them simple spots on the riverside to dip in.
The special thing about this one; it hosts a club in the evenings called Barfussbar. 

Barfussbar Frauenbadi 
After a first orientation we were heading into the old city part to have a look at the small shops and find some nice cafes. First address for coffee and cake: Café Schober.
After a little rest on the terrace we were well prepared to explore the narrow streets and lanes full of little treasures.

One very nice shop for example is the concept store limited stock, where one can find precious items from all over the world, like glasses, ceramics, tools, handbags, etc.
Another treasure island this time for tea is very close: Shui Tang - Liquid Delicacies.

along the river

On the other side of the Limmat you find the main shopping district around the Bahnhofstrasse, where all the big names have their address. The more South you go, the more expensive it gets.

On one of our walks along the river shore, we passed the old industrial quater "Kreis 5" which has turned into a vibrant cultural center. One example is an old shipyard hall, "Schiffbau", which hosts today a theater, jazz club, restaurant, etc.

culture center "Schiffsbau"

Another nice example which reminded me of Paris is "Im Viaduct". The old railway bridge has turned into shops and cafes, which are situated in the bows of the bridge, which is still in use.

im Viaduct
As I love oriental food, my friend took me for a break to the "Tearoom-Maison Blunt" for some Mezza and self-made lemonade with vanilla and orangeblossom water. No need to mention that it was good!

match made in heaven

But after a couple of days with swimming in the lake, BBQ and aperetifs on the roof terrace, I had to leave again, but not before I have filled up my bag with cheese and chocolate. No matter what the guys on the picture might think about it!

But as my friend said: 
"People who can make such good chocolate (well, and cheese), can just be nice!

Saturday, 6 August 2011


Back from holidays with a lot of nice experiences and new impressions to share... but while I prepare the next posts of Rome, Zürich and my inspirations for the autumn, try this!

aperetif at sunset

bitter sweet symphony

one sugar cube
angostura bitter
grand marnier

1. put the sugar cube in a champagne glass and let it soak with two dashes of the angostura bitter.
2. add 1,5 cl of grand marnier
3. fill the glass with cold prosecco

Enjoy! It's my favourite champagne drink.