Monday, 26 September 2011

a sketch becomes reality

Quite some time ago the french-german tv chanel ARTE had a docu soap about the production of a haute couture collection at Chanel. I found the DVD in a bookshop in Paris and couldn't resist! It starts with the first sketches by Karl Lagerfeld and ends with the fashion show and its final sale. 
The series inaugurates the secrets of modern fashion and ancient crafts as it presents every profession involved: the shoemaker, trimmings, embroiderers and even the everpresent mannequin.

The collection shown, is the autumn winter collection 2004/05  "Duo" as the clothes were made of different layers to offer an endless option of combining.

Monday, 19 September 2011

Charleston look

Lanvin's current resort collection is a journey towards a timeless fashion inspired by ethnic costumes and uniforms.
Among other destinations on this journey I found my favourite in  this golden yellow "Charleston" dress  with its filigrane fringes and the fitting jewelery which reminds me of the golden 20ies.
Lanvin Resort 2012
The cut is rather special for Lanvin. In general the dresses are not that filigrane and detailed. The detail lies rather in the extra ordinary cut which seem to wrap the wearer in one piece of luxury fabric to emphasize her beautiful shapes.
Lanvin Fall/ Winter 2011

Hemingway Daiquiri

If you are just a bit interested in the history of cocktails, you will soon find out that there are a lot of drinks inspired or consumed by Ernest Hemingway. One of his favourite bars was "El Floridita" in Havanna where he used to drink his daiquiris.

Here is the recipe for a special daiquiri which is my favourite as well:


35 ml white rum
5 ml maraschino liquer
10 ml pink grapefruit juice
15 ml sugar sirup
10 ml fresh lime juice

mix all ingredients together with some ice in a shaker and pour into a cocktail glas.

Sunday, 18 September 2011


I think every woman has one little failure for a certain piece of clothes or accessoiries, she simply can't have enough. 
Some of us girls can't leave the house without the perfect bag fitting to their current nail colour, others change the hair colour for every outfit. 

And I for example love dresses, but I think my little obsession are shoes. My colleague always crys out: "New shoes!" and just stopped when I started to count hers!

When I was in Oulu some time ago there happened to be an exhibition of the Finnish artist Kaarina Kaikkonen who has a collection of works under the name "Äidin tanssikengät - Mother's Dancing Shoes". 

Queen of Night

I have showed you my Mom's some time ago. But don't get scared here are my personal favourites and I take good care of them.



my lovely Minna Parikka shoes "Kiss, Kiss" and "Edith" with golden wings
and my great red café noirs
What is left to say? Maybe just: "Let's dance, put on your red shoes and dance the blues"

Saturday, 17 September 2011

something french to groove into the morning

I have seen this at a friend of mine and thought this is the perfect song to get started for the weekend!

Thursday, 15 September 2011

simply McQueen

Another inspiration for me are the collections of Alexander McQueen which differ a lot from the Dior or DSQUARED² collections I have showed you before which are more playful and romantic in their details.

The pre-fall collection is inspired by an ultra modern interpretation of regimental dressing which takes decorative elements from British and French Court and creates simple and strong shapes with a hint of luxury. My favourites are the two dresses below which emphasize the femininity of the wearer through the strictness of shape and material.

                       Alexander McQueen
 Pre-fall 2011

The resort collection 2012 is more romantic, but not less graceful. It consists of tailored pants, high-necked blouses and mid-length skirts in softer earthy colours which shows women's shapes in the most flattering way. 
One detail in both collections are the broad waist belts which create a beautiful and slim silhouette.
                       Alexander McQueen
Resort 2012

Paris goes burlesque

Planning my trip to Paris, I have found this and that:


The third edition of the Paris Burlesque Festival is inspired by the mythical world of Las Vegas as a city of luxury, excess and fantasy in the heart of the desert. The "Glitter Fever" promises an evening of burlesque, rock, glamour and sexy.

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

foxy lady

As I love to watch fashion shows I want to show you more inspirations for the autumn and winter this time by Dior

It feels like a little journey back in time and space as John Galliano took his inspiration from the English Romantic poets and created a bohemian look based on early-nineteenth-century capes, coats, knickerbockers and fragile dresses in rich colours and textures like velvet and tweeds in strong jewel-like colours.

                                  Ready to Wear by Dior    
Fall/ Winter 2011

The details make the look perfect and my favourites are definitly the oversize jewelery and overknee boots. 

textures and patterns
 high heeled boots


Midnight in Paris

I have just seen Woody Allen's new movie "Midnight in Paris" and found it brilliant. Probably everyone has wondered at least once in a lifetime how it would be to live in a different century and meet one's idols of that time. 
And the myth of Paris has always attracted poets, painters and other artists. (Even the finnish Goth N' Roll band "The 69 Eyes" has dedicated the city a record with the title "Paris kills".)

The maincharacter's ideal Paris is set in the 20s. And who could resist the rough charm of Ernest Hemingway and the temperament of Pablo Picasso? Wouldn't it be nice to dance Charleston in a fancy dress and listen to Cole Porter?

But why not, my friends and I have decided, it's time for a 20s party! And I have the perfect dress... but I will show it later. First I will explore Paris on my own!

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Apocalyptica live in Helsinki- 7th Symphony Tour

There are two reasons to celebrate. Apocalyptica has a new record and Helsinki has a new music hall. A good reason for the the guys to test the new stage and introduce their new pieces. The audience was quite mixed, from gothic girls to a more conservative audience, everyone came to see and listen.

I have seen Apocalyptica a couple of times live in Germany and Finland and I am everytime amazed about their skillfulness and inventiveness. The line up was a good choice of different pieces from different records to show the whole variety of their work. The audience could enjoy rough metal covers, experimental classical music and softer rock ballades, some with singer, some with drummer and sometimes just three celli on stage which I prefer most.
One of my favourites is still "Hall Of Mountain King" from the "Cult" record which was played at the end. And I love the Sepultura cover.

The more conservative audience might sometimes get a little shocked about the treatment of this beautiful, ancient instruments, but thanks to Perttu, we know now that one can play a cello also while lying on the ground and over the head. He anyway made me smile in his Jack Sparrow outfit with the golden shoes.

The concert was great though I am still in doubt, if the new music hall is "born to rock". I got quite a drum overdose and I do like drums in general.

Here my favourite video "Path". The battle against the shadow. Enjoy!