Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Apocalyptica live in Helsinki- 7th Symphony Tour

There are two reasons to celebrate. Apocalyptica has a new record and Helsinki has a new music hall. A good reason for the the guys to test the new stage and introduce their new pieces. The audience was quite mixed, from gothic girls to a more conservative audience, everyone came to see and listen.

I have seen Apocalyptica a couple of times live in Germany and Finland and I am everytime amazed about their skillfulness and inventiveness. The line up was a good choice of different pieces from different records to show the whole variety of their work. The audience could enjoy rough metal covers, experimental classical music and softer rock ballades, some with singer, some with drummer and sometimes just three celli on stage which I prefer most.
One of my favourites is still "Hall Of Mountain King" from the "Cult" record which was played at the end. And I love the Sepultura cover.

The more conservative audience might sometimes get a little shocked about the treatment of this beautiful, ancient instruments, but thanks to Perttu, we know now that one can play a cello also while lying on the ground and over the head. He anyway made me smile in his Jack Sparrow outfit with the golden shoes.

The concert was great though I am still in doubt, if the new music hall is "born to rock". I got quite a drum overdose and I do like drums in general.

Here my favourite video "Path". The battle against the shadow. Enjoy!

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