Sunday, 30 October 2011

brands and label mania

When I picked up my friend from the railway station, I saw a girl with a fake Gucci bag and I started wondering why people actually buy some obvious imitations, (though you can't even call it like this.)
In this case it was an ordinary red shoulder bag with huge "Gucci-logo" which would have been completely acceptable without the logo.

I have shown you a lot of examples from fashion designers under the label "trends and inspirations", because this it what they mean to me. They are inspirations. I love to browse through magazines and watch fashion shows to get ideas for my own style. I look for colours, materials and prints, accessoires, hairstyle and make-up.

I think clothes don't need to be expensive to be stylish; and not everything with a brand name is automatically fashionable and flatters the person who wears it.
For the post of men's business wear for example we went with a friend through a couple of pictures from various designers and we choose the ones we liked most and started to analyse what the basic trends are. Later we went through my friend's closet and created three different outfits out of his existing clothes and decided to buy a sweater and another tie to make the looks complete.

I wish people would be more aware of what they like and what suits them instead of hiding behind big names.

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