Sunday, 16 October 2011

business look

I went with my colleague for a girl's lunch and while we are queuing and observing the well dressed men in front of us, we came to the conclusion that we would actually appreciate if our office would dress up a bit more. Back home I remember that I came across an interesting article in my favourite girl’s magazine dealing with the topic:
"What to wear in office life?"
Everyone might agree that the first impression is very importat and if you use your clothes as a tool they can for example reflect your creativity, individualism or self-confidence. These are important qualities which bosses and clients are also looking for.

                                   elegant suits in feminine cut
by Iceberg/ Resort 2012

Of course there are clothes, which are always on the secure side, like simple well fitting costumes and suits with light coloured blouses and shirts. Many clothing guides strictly advice against any fashion experiments at work.
(And while I am writing this I just receive a newletter about the latest business look...)

                          No little grey mouses at all!
Iceberg/ Resort 2012

But as the first impression is so important, does this kind of dress code not support an image of a little grey mouse?
I am afraid with this secure way of dressing one disappears into a grey mass and the possibilities of career and success as well.
If someone wants to be successful in business life, one first has to know about the dress code of the field of work he or she is dealing with. And I know that my job as an architect allows a lot of freedom in dressing as we have a slightly rebellious and artsy reputation.

                                 elegant shirt with pattern in
                             combination with skirts 
or well-fitting jeans
Iceberg/ Resort 2012

But even within every dress code, there is a wide range of colours, patterns and materials to play with and find an individual look to create an authentic style.


Anonymous said...

More of this! How about writing of male office wear from women´s viewpoint? Take some time looking at men, perhaps including cultural comparison

Lady in Red said...

I was actually thinking that I should do a post about men's clothing as well, so your suggestions are welcome!