Thursday, 6 October 2011

Paris I - fashion, style and inspirations

When asked what Paris means to me in a nutshell, I said: "fashion and food" and was suprised myself, how easy it came out of my mouth. 

Thinking about fashion and style, I all of a sudden stood in the Rue Cambon. Chanel! My heart started to beat faster! Fortunately my friend was less impressed and pushed me into the boutique. 
I have to admit that the current collection is a bit gloomy as Karl Lagerfeld was inspired by Fritz Lang and Verlaine's poetry, but the cuts are very modern and the materials just feel great.

                       Chanel ready-to-wear
Autumn/ Winter 2011

Very close to the Rue Cambon in one wing of the Musée de Louvre is the Musée de la Mode et du Textile. The current exhibition introduces the work of Hussein Chalayan. Vogue magazine described him as "the master of architecture" and indeed his style is beyond fashion. It combines fashion with art, science and architecture and creates new shells for the female body which are a combinaton of dress and machine.

     Hussein Chalayan

Paris II - an evening burlesque is coming soon

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