Friday, 7 October 2011

Paris II - an evening burlesque

"Le burlesque, c'est savoir utiliser ses atouts, rire de ses défauts. 
Que nous soyons rondes, petites, minces ou très grandes, nous sommes belles et sensuelles. 
Toutes les femmes ont le droit d'être glamour."

Cherry Lyly Darling

I think this quote is exactly what the burlesque is all about. No matter who you are and how you look, there is something beautiful in all of us. You just need the courage to show it.

I love rock n' roll, glamour and pin-up fashion and I came across the french webpage "Be burlesque" where I found "La Glitter Fever: les 2 ans", a small burlesque event in the lovely Théâtre Adyar far away from Lido or Moulin Rouge.

the burlesque artists were:

Belle Marquise
Bisou Belette
Louiza Ventura
Kiki Beguin
Miss Glitter Painkiller
Valentina del Pearls
Vivi Valentine
and Kitten de Ville

Our favourite was Louiza Ventura and I fell in love with the pin-up collection of Marie Cazenave who has her beautiful little boutique "Le boudoir de Marie" in Montmartre.


But if you are in Paris right now and you like the idea of burlesque, there is still the burlesque festival going on. I guess it's worth seeing!

Paris III - exploring different food cultures is coming soon

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