Monday, 10 October 2011

Paris III - exploring different food cultures

For me one approach to different cultures is connected to food. I think if you see what people eat, you learn something about their habits, rituals and history. I have some nice cooking books and I like to experiment with different tastes and spices. I very much like the french kitchen for its variety. If you look at France's geography, there is the Atlantic Sea, the Mediterranean Sea, mountains and sunny coasts, so that every region has different tastes to offer.

To get a glimpse on French cuisine we went to two very nice bistros:
Aux Lyonnais and Le Chardenoux

 Aux Lyonnais we tried the lunch menu with:

a plate of different sausages and terrines from Lyon
fish dumplings in crayfish sauce/ black pudding with apples
 nougat ice cream with apricot sorbet 

At le Chardenoux we had:

panned squids with espelette pimento/ cream of chestnut soup
preserved shoulder of lamb with mild spices
french toast with raspberries and pistachio ice-crem

Whereas the kitchen of the Lyonnais was basically french bistro cuisine the Chardenoux has taken already influences of the different food cultures mixing in a metropole like Paris. Something which I soemtimes miss here in Helsinki.
Chez Marianne

Already in the plane I was dreaming of real Falafel und Mezze in oriental style, so we found very close to our hotel "Chez Marianne" in Le Marais, the Jewish quarter, and shared Mezze and a nice rosé wine. You can sit outside, enjoying the view of the lively quarter and have a look at the huge crowd waiting patiently for their falafel to go.

and a view behind the red facade

Paris IV - about art and desingn is coming soon

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