Sunday, 13 November 2011

red and white my blog title indicates, you have ended up on a page of a girl who loves everything red, so I thought I will show you my favourite pieces now.

Having a look into my closet you can find a red dress for every season and occasion. The left one is a lovely silk dress from BOSS, next to it comes a red corsage with polka dots from Jungbluth-Design in Hamburg and on the left side a woolen dress again from BOSS.

The book shown in the middle is called "Be burlesque". I have bought it after the Paris trip, because it has beautiful and inspiring pictures of french burlesque artists.

As make-up suggestion red lips and nails are a must! Nothing is more sensual than a cherry mouth. 
But red lips are a bit tricky, so please use a pencil to outline the lips first, starting in the middle. After having filled out the whole lip, start applying the real colour of your choice.
And yes, I even have red chairs. They are actually vintage Alvar Aalto chairs from the 40s.

But before you can experiment new looks on your own, here a song from another lady in red:

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