Saturday, 28 January 2012

back to reality...and to the 1970s

Trademarks of this era are maxi dresses, long leather boots, natural colors, disco fashion and hippies. After the idealistic and often blurred utopia of the 60's, the flattering and cynical 70's came along.

Reaching the 1970s, the Utopia has crushed with the daily news of war and political scandals in the US and Europe. The rebellion took also place in fashion with the hippie style.
Also women reached and untill now unknown independence. Feminism was taken up in the seventies on a wide scale, even to its most radical extremes. This was strongly seen in fashion with more and more women wearing trousers, jumpsuits and suits in general. 

Fashion trends vary from different lengths of skirts and dresses and trousers. For the evening maxi dresses and glamorous halter neck catsuits were seen. Floral prints and lace were used.
Despite, or maybe even because of the militant feminism and the grim cultural scene, 70's image was considered nostalgic and romantic. The inspiration for this came from the Belle Époque and also the 30's when things were simpler and rosier
It was also the beginning of vintage with girls starting to go through their grandmother's old wardrobe to hunt for lost treasures and the first appereance of vintage shops.

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