Tuesday, 31 January 2012

girls and cars... Prada goes sweet

A collection with girls, cars and sweetness as a topic... I was concerned. Which woman wants to be considered as sweet these days? 
But with the new collection for spring/summer 2012 Miuccia Prada wants to break the taboo of sweetness and question why women have to be so aggressive these days.

As a motive she choose two topics very close to her Italian soul, women and cars, and takes us on the road of 50s chic in sugary pastels, Swiss lace, pleatings and contrasts with car-print silks merged with hot-rod iconography in leather appliquéd skirts and shoes with flaming spurs.

The Vogue magazine calls the style "edgy, teetering balance between an undercurrent of slutty sexuality and the ladylike hauteur that is the pure essence of Prada" I would simply call it femininity!

My favourite pieces are the pink leotard with carprints and the flamming heels. If I should ever found a band, it will be The Flaming Heels!

But if woman is considered sweet, what are men's attributes in this case then. I think it has to be a contrast, so we are thinking of a modern macho man, who has an elegant side and an artsy soul.

Seeing the advertising campain the first time I had a young Marlon Brando in mind as one can see in movies like "A streetcar named desire".

But back to fashion. I like for men the playfull use of pattern. Once to break the severeness of the black suit and on the other hand mixed patterns of jacket and scarf with uni trousers. No ties!

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