Friday, 20 January 2012

pin-up girls & greaser boys... welcome to the 1950s!

The 1950s seem to be a great source of inspiration for all pin-up style lovers.
Trademark of the era: slim waists, short gloves, full pleated skirts, Dior, petticoats,  polka dots, pin-up girls & greaser boys.

Christian Dior - New Look
With the famous "New Look" collection, Christian Dior cut with the the war-time look. The new shape had unpadded, rounded shoulders, a shapely bust-line, a small waist, slightly padded hips & full skirts that reached well below the knees often worn with a wide bouncy petticoat underneath.
Some saw the new look as nostalgia for the longing to return to the good old days, but Christian Dior described his ambition differently: 

"I design clothes for flower-like women, with rounded shoulders, full feminine busts and shapely waists above enormous spreading skirts"

Different sub-cultures emerged during the 50's that went against the obsessive urge for order and discipline shown by the war generation. One of them, the young and naughty Rockabilly scene, had a lot of influence on fashion producing polka dots, colorful petticoats, tattoos & pin-up fantasies for the ladies. Bettie Page lends her pretty face to this part of the 50s.

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