Friday, 13 January 2012

Welcome to the roaring 20s

This era could be said to be one of the most influential for fashion and women during the 20th century.
Trademarks of this decade are pearls, beaded dresses, cloche hats, drop waists, swing, jazz & cigarettes… 

It was during the 20s that the feminine shape changed from curves and corsets to a straight line without a hint of waist. 
The boyish look became a trend based partly on the fight for equal rights and the lack of young men after WW1. The number of women at work has increased rapidly and the "independant young women" with career, own pay cheque became a normal fact.

 Louise Brooks - American dancer, model, showgirl
and silent film actress

Influentual persons in fashion:
Paul Poiret who created elegant dresses without corsets and established culottes for women. 
And of course Coco Chanel who opened her boutique already in 1911 and created during the 20s the little black dress. A real classic till today.

Icons of the 20s: Josephine Baker & Louise Brooks.

Josephine Baker - French American singer, dancer and actress

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