Wednesday, 22 February 2012

burlesque and pin-up style - some thoughts about the passion for vintage and glamour

My friend asked me lately were this liking of the 50s and the burlesque comes from. Looking at different advertising campaigns, there seems to be a nostalgia about certain decades of the 20th century.

One answer might be the longing of some of us women for a little bit of glamour and a place where we can live our femininity in a world which tries to force us to be "better men".

video by Kiki Beguin

I have this beautiful book "Be Burlesque" which tries to explains what the burlesque is all about. There are four important points which reflect also our society and the role we are playing:

_a community united by common values
the burlesque scene unites different influences like feminism, rockabilly and fetichism and gives different kind of groups the possibility to express themselves in an artistic way like cabaret, dance and performance.

Miss Scarlett Martini - Helsinki Burlesque Festival 2012
_the quality of the performance
a good show needs beneath research, curiosity, music and a good knowledge of dancing and acting especially dedication and passion.

_the respect of the audience
a burlesque show is made for/ and in cooperation with the audience. It's about transferring the spark between audience and performer and creating a band. 

Cleo Viper - Helsinki Burlesque Festival 2012
maybe one could see it as celebrating beauty and glamour. Everyone is beautiful and has some talents. The generosity lies in the respect for the performer and also for the audience.

All in all it should be about equality. I want to emphasize this as I sometimes get the impression here in the North it is more about the right of women to be glamourous. Please keep in mind that every right comes with responsibility.

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