Saturday, 4 February 2012

girls and bikes... on the way on two wheels

girls & bikes

Fitting to the Prada theme, I went to the motorbike exhibiton to have a look at some bikes. As you can see on the first picture "girls & bikes" are a match made in heaven. But I liked this cute pin-up girl on the victory.

You might wonder how I ended up searching for a motorbike and strolling around exhibitions alone as a girl... well, my Dad has given me this passion for cars and bikes and everything fast, so I made my driving license last summer here in Finland.

At first I really just wanted to have a Vespa, but it's much more challenging to have a real bike...
And here we are testing Vespa versus Ducati sports bike

two red italian cuties

I had once the discussion with the guy in the Vespa shop and he actually told me: "Make your license first and then come back, but I am afraid you don't want to have a Vespa anymore."
Though I still like the idea for the city. It would be perfect to drive it on a nice summer day here in Helsinki along the shoreline as you don't need all this heavy driving gear!

Bavarian Blue and Red of course... BMW RR

and more Italian design from Ducati, the Panigale
And of course what are girls and bikes without music. I was quite amused about the "Motörcycles" by Victory as I like Lemmy a lot.

Motörcycles, nothing more to mention I guess
And I also like to watch at the customized bikes where you sometimes have the problem to actually get the front wheel on the picture. I am always fascinated by the creativity of the people though I sometimes doubt that it is comfortable to drive...

custom "dreams"
And finally I found my jacket... bike needs to wait still a bit. But anyway we had -20°C here just a couple of days ago and plenty of snow. My shoulders are now at least as broad as the ones of Glen Danzig.

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