Friday, 10 February 2012

modern mermaids by Chanel

With the current spring collection for Chanel, Karl Lagerfeld takes us to an imaginary underwater world amongst coral branches and shells on a sandy sea bed. Lagerfeld had promised “the ground of the sea, but in a very poetic way,” and his models, meandering through this dramatic set looked like magical deep-sea sirens. 

Inspired by the textures of exotic fishes, iridescent pearls, the lightness of seaweed and foam, the new collection gives a new look to the Chanel classics, for example Coco Chanel’s iconic pearls were used as buttons or as belts.


Lagerfeld worked with innovative techno fabrics to create the effect of light through water. Airy waffle-textured organzas and iridescent synthetics, open-weave tweeds and knits, and a palette of sea foam and shell pink created the under water effect.


The technical mastery of the house of Chanel was also revealed in the elaborate pleating and draping techniques that transformed organza and lace into corals, seashells, and waving underwater algae.

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