Sunday, 5 February 2012

project pin-up dress

After my research for the fashion timeline, I got intrigued finding the perfect 50s style... the shape, the material, the pattern, simply the whole variety. 
I came across a couple of retro styles, but in most cases it is rather the material which I don't like, the cut or sometimes even the presentation (sorry I am a visual person and when the colours and pattern of the dress don't suit with your sailor tattoo I have my doubt in your styling skills)...

images of sewing patterns by Vintage Vogue and Butterick Retro

Then I read that most women in the 50s were actually sewing their dresses themselves and that even famous French designer, like Lanvin and Christian Laxroix, have made sewing patterns. So I got the idea I could actually start my own project pin-up dress once I can decide for the pattern.

Alexander Henry fabrics

I also found some great fabrics from Henry Alexander and Michael Miller.

dots by Michael Miller

For first sketches look on my Facebook site!

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