Sunday, 19 February 2012

underwater world of Alexander McQueen

After the journey to the bottom of the sea with the nymphs of Chanel another magic underwater world waits to get explored. This time set in scene by Alexander McQueen. As designer Sarah Burton explained: "It’s all about Gaia, the wonder of nature, the sea."

The collection is infused by the oceanic life, seen in outfits which are composed of complex drapings, pleatings and layerings to create filigrane coral and shell like structures. The dresses are not just inspired by the life of sea creatures, like jelly fishes, but also imitate their movements. 


The silhouette with the raised waist reminds of an exaggerated Empire line. The materials of these cascades of ruffles are silk, lace and organza woven with copper, silver and gold. 


The fragility of the classic silhouette in pastel shades is broken by the aggression of the lace-masked heads and the gleaming, fetishy black leather to create an even more authentic look of strange underwater creatures.

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