Tuesday, 27 March 2012

vintage living - an introduction

Lately one can hear "vintage" everywhere. Clothes, furniture, everyone seems to crave for the treasures of ancient times. 
Buy an interior design inspired by past decades is nothing new and can be seen throughout the centuries. 
Whereas the Romans furnished their homes in antique Greek style, the sovereigns of the Middle Ages orientated their style in the manner of the Romans...

During the 19th century the eras changed more rapidly and today people learn to appreciate the things from our direct past.

Coco Chanel's apartment
pictures by Chanel
Our journey begins with the 1920s, an innovative period with changing manifestations of art and design and ends in the 1970s.

Case Study House No°8 by Charles and Ray Eames,
I will give you examples of architecture classics, design & furniture and show you how to combine old and new. So stay tuned!

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