Monday, 2 April 2012

Dsquared²'s high school prom

Actually I didn't want to talk about the coming autumn/winter collections yet, but the 60s high school glam by Dsquared² made me smile, especially as it started to snow here again!

The collection includes cropped jeans and trousers in candy colors , pencil skirts and mohair pullover, leather jackets and also elegant evening dresses.

The shapes are a modern interpretation of a very feminine 60s style and I like especially the small bow tie the girl is wearing, as it gives a nice spice to the boyish look and a hint of glamour.

But my all-time favorites are the pencil skirts, here elegantly combined with a short-sleeved pullover and long gloves or more rebellious with a leather jacket. These are the 60s as I like them!

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