Thursday, 17 May 2012

designer portrait: Minna Parikka

Like all girls I have a passion for shoes and entering the boutique of Minna Parikka in Helsinki is like entering shoe heaven.
Minna's boutique and her pop-up store are located in the heart of Helsinki and her designs can be found in famous fashion magazines around the globe and on the feet of celebrities like Lady Gaga.

Minna Parikka in her boutique in Bulevardi 24, Helsinki
According to Minna Parikka herself, she knew already as a 15-year old teenager that shoe design was her life's true calling.
“I felt like I’d been struck by a lightning when I first realized 
I could actually make a career out of making shoes.”

shoe heaven,  model "Raquel" metallic
For Minna Parikka it was a paradox that the world of women’s shoe design is dominated by men and so she decided to change it. She went to England to study footwear design and traveled to London, Milan and Barcelona for work and inspirations. In 2005 she returned to her native Helsinki to launch the Minna Parikka brand. 
                                         "Pompom" peep toe
     "Melt" sandal

Minna Parikka’s love of footwear is based on the fact that shoes – unlike clothes – don’t have to be inhabited by a body in order to look attractive. And while beautiful on their own, it’s a magical moment when a woman steps into the right pair of shoes as they can change how she looks and feels.

accessories collection
One can sense her passion for shoes and that she is a shoe-lover, or more precisely a heel lover, herself as her designs combine girlish playfulness and femininity with elements of surrealism and contemporary design. Every shoe seems to be unique.
"My designs are almost like love letters from one high heel shoe lover to another. 
Allow yourself to be playful and let a pair lead you to new adventures. 
Life is too short to take style too seriously."

                              "Beak" mask
"Fox" mask

But Minna's creativity doesn't stop designing shoes, she has also a collection of gloves, bags and very special masks which are designed of shoe parts.

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