Monday, 18 June 2012

Provinssirock I

After a weekend of music and exploring the Finnish countryside, it's nice to be back home and full of positive experiences.
My festival summer started this year with Provinssirock. So after a couple of hours in office on Friday, I took my rucksack and escaped with the train in direction north-west. Seeing all the band shirts united on the train platform, I was obviously not the only one with destination Seinäjoki. 


The first band on our schedule was actually Amorphis, but then we stumbled over the Poets Of The Fall. I heard just couple of pieces, but with songs like "War" and "Cradled in Love" they created a goose bump atmosphere, one could hardly escape from.

Amorphis front Tomi "the Medusa" Joutsen

But the next surprise was already waiting. The Death Hawks, announced as the "New Doors", made us already highly suspicious especially hearing the psychedelic sounds coming out of the festival tent. But I got immediately impressed by Teemu Markkula's voice which simply doesn't seem to fit to this blonde guy with the curly hair and the deep black sunglasses. Their music style includes blues and rock and the influence of Jim Morrison seems always present, one sometimes gets even afraid good old Jim takes the boys on a ride on the snake...

Teemu Markkula from Death Hawks

After enjoying the great weather on a lawn relaxing and observing people, we were diving into a completely different kind of genre. One shouldn't miss the Finnish band Eläkeläiset to get an impression what Humppa (a traditional Finnish dance) is all about. They manage to cover nearly every famous song one can imagine (or not) to create a "Humppa"-version out of it. Their treatment of hit songs is nearly as rough as their treatment of instruments which especially the keyboard had to suffer from, which was kicked and even jumped on. But in the end there are just two things you can do: trying to find out what the original version was, which sometimes drives you nearly insane, or just dance Humppa.

Mainact of the first day with a grandiose show, songs which are still stuck in my mind and fireworks were for sure Nightwish, though my personal heroes were definitely the Eagles of Death Metal with full mustache power they conquered the stage. I have seen mustaches already during the day (even combined with pink hair), but even Jesse Hughes who is for once known for his mustache, but also for his enthusiastic interaction with the audience was deeply impressed and treated the crowd with hits like "Cherry Cola", "I Want You So Hard (Boy's Bad News)" and "Wanna Be In L.A." As you might guess, the music has not much to do with Death Metal. Josh Homme described it once as "a combination of bluegrass slide guitar mixed with stripper drum beats and Canned Heat vocals." If you find this confusing, check it out yourself!

After a great performance, the festival closed its gates in the early morning hours and we climbed on the bike and drove to Vaasa. It was still bright outside, but freezing cold on the bike. But the sunrise and the early morning light when we reached Vaasa compensated for the cold. After a hot shower and some sleep, we spent the whole Saturday relaxing in the sunshine and enjoying good food and cocktails, before we came back for the Sunday program.

_my friday playlist
War - Poets of The Fall
Cradled In Love - Poets of The Fall
Death Has No Reprieve - Death Hawks
I Want You So Hard (Boy's Bad News) - Eagles of Death Metal
Cherry Cola - Eagles of Death Metal
Wanna be in L.A. - Eagles of Death Metal

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