Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Provinssirock ja Pohjanmaan kautta II

After a relaxing Saturday in sunny Vaasa, we jumped again on the bike and explored a bit Pohjanmaa. Ask Finnish people about this part of Finland and you will hear two things: it's so damn flat and people are so stubborn... I found it very beautiful, especially as now everything is in bloom and nicely green. Even the rain disappeared, but probably just because I put on all the rain gear on the way.

and here I am
But back to Seinäjoki and the festival. The first act on our schedule was Kauko Röyhkä & Narttu. Röyhkä is quite famous for being a diva and for his sharp tongue which criticizes middle class thinking and mediocrity without mercy. There is definitely a punk attitude hidden behind the pleasant sounds.

Another diva is Michael Monroe, and how does a rock start celebrate his 50s birthday? Of course on stage with his fans. He just seems to love performing, one can sense this in every second. He jumps into the crowd, not afraid of all the hands touching and groping. and then back again on stage to climb on the stage construction, he is always in motion. 

The show was great and line-up included besides new stuff also some Hanoi Rocks classics and he seems to be able to play forever, even improvising a piece with the band out of the blue.

Michael Monroe
But our long awaited favorites for Sunday were Slayer. And not just for us! It's always amazing here in Finalnd how many people they can attract to their gigs and while Mastodon was still playing on the island stage a nice crowd was already gathering in front of the main stage ready to explode into a mosh pit with the first sound. Crazy!

Amazing also Tom Araya who in-between the most aggressive music, keeps on smiling and talking in his typical polite way, thanking the audience for coming and hoping that everyone enjoys and finally wishing a good night to everyone.

But not before the masses are satisfied having heard their favorite songs like "Raining Blood", "Seasons In The Abyss", "Dead Skin Mask" or "Angel Of Death". 

After a great festival weekend we marched back to our hotel for a little after party with sparkling and chocolate. My train should leave already at 8 o'clock in the morning, which meant an early breakfast. The atmosphere was still in festival mode so that our 6 o'clock breakfast was accompanied by live piano music and even a single guitar player with his three muses was playing on the street.

_my Sunday playlist:
Lauralle - Kauko Röyhkä
paha maa -Kauko Röyhkä
mainostaulujen taakse - Kauko Röyhkä
dead, jail or rock n' roll - Michael Monroe
all you need - Michael Monroe
seasons in the abyss - Slayer

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