Sunday, 22 July 2012

Etro - the everyday celebrates beauty

I guess it's time for another glance towards the autumn. The new Etro campaign takes us to a world where graphic elements in black and white meet shining night shades. A world of exotic patterns and rich materials, playing with overlaps and optical illusions.

The men's collection is inspired by Kean Etro's mexican journey. He translates the exotic references seen in fabrics and patterns in a sophisticated and contemporary urban mood. The Etro man discovers damasks, brocades and feathers to learn about the lightness of flight. 

The Etro woman turns the dandy elements with elegance and irony into a feminine concept with lean, tailored looks that used the family's signature paisley as a building block. 

Not always in a respectful way though. We find it laser-cut into a patchwork on a net gown, printed or woven into legging-tight trousers, but it proved itself of having a sensual dimension as tattoos on skin.

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