Friday, 10 August 2012

Boutique - where art meets fashion

As Helsinki is now design capital, there are some interesting exhibitions, one of them is just about to come: Boutique - where art meets fashion in the Amos Anderson Museum

According to the description "Boutique (...) is a wide-ranging multi-art form exhibition that fuses fashion with art. (...) Boutique is a total work of art with music and dance.


Boutique has been created in the spirit of collaboration and community. Five teams - each consisting of an artist and a designer - have created joint works of art. The teams are Paola Suhonen - Mikko Ijäs, Katja Tukiainen - Samu-Jussi Koski, Tero Puha - Teemu Muurimäki, Salla Salin - Timo Rissanen and Minna Parikka - Jani Leinonen.

And here are the dates: 17.8. - 12.11.2012

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