Wednesday, 8 August 2012

strictly for men by Gucci

For the new Gucci collection designer Frida Giannini found her inspiration in her passion for movies and the 70s. For once the movie "Total Eclipse" needs to be mentioned with Leonardo DiCaprio as the teenage poet Arthur Rimbaud. Another source of inspiration from the movie world is Austrian actor Helmut Berger who was very influential in lifestyle in the 1970s with his Middle European flourishes which now conquer the catwalk.



We see riding boots and equestrian trousers; dark, fin-de-si├Ęcle floral prints; tapestry travelling bags and silken tie prints used as a base for rich jacquards. But lets have a look on my favorite looks first!


The first looks are held in black, brown and blue shades. I have seen the bright dark blue in several collections for men and I do like it. Especially here I like how the velvet or silky shades contrast with the rich pattern and emphasize each other.


I also like the combination of elegant trousers in combination with rough leather or oversized wool knits. And the combination of green and blue shades is very nice. Once again I envy you guys for this great bags, leather or tapestry fabric. They give a good emphasize to the look.



And then once again come the shades of red...

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