Saturday, 29 September 2012

confession of a child of the century

I introduced you already to Jean Paul Gaultier's fall couture collection which is inspired by Alfred de Musset's "Confession of a child of the century". The novel was adapted by Sylvie Verheyde in 2011. The main characters are played by Pete Doherty and Charlotte Gainsbourg.

the plot:
Octave (Pete Doherty) is young, handsome and deeply in love - until he witnesses the unfaithfulness of his mistress Elise. His initial despair turns into arrogance. Decadence becomes his lifestyle. Under the influence of his friend, Octave becomes the perfect seducer - though this new life, full of lust, can not satisfy his longing for true love.

When Octave suffers from the loss of his father and flees to the countryside, he gets to know the young, warm-hearted widow Brigitte. Although Brigitte tries to resist, she and Octaves  become lovers, but after the initial passion, the old suspicion cultivates in Octave again: Isn't every woman cheating sooner or later her lover? Is his friend right asserting that true love does not exist?

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