Sunday, 9 September 2012

Lorraine & Luxembourg

Advertising Lorraine as the place of mirabelles, the mission was clear. But where to find them? 

_day 5

The first stop after some strange and slightly shabby looking villages was Toul with its amazing gothic church which dominates the city. Toul and its surrounding villages should be famous for this yellow plum. And I have seen the trees, but no mirabelles so far...

So we drove through the countryside of Lorraine to our shelter for the night in Flirey which is somewhere between Nancy and Metz. Booking this accommodation, I wasn't aware that we are in the middle of WWI front lines which are still visible in the forests around and also the destroyed village of Remenauville tells a story on its own.

Palais Stanislas and Lady in Red
But hungry as we were, we went first to Nancy to have a look around and a nice dinner in a restaurant my friends have recommended. It's nicely situated on the Place Stanislas and it's called L'arrosoir. The food is international and a bit experimental.

Place Stanislas
Around the Place Stanislas are also some nice gourmet shops with regional products and I found some amadines aux mirabelles. And once again I wished my bag was bigger...

_day 6

But on our last day of holidays I finally found my mirabelles in the market hall in Metz
where we spent the morning before we went to Luxembourg. It's funny, I was in Metz maybe 15 years ago and while I had my Quiche Lorraine and a tiramisu aux mirabelles on the Place Saint Jacques, I realized I have been here before.

still hunting the miracles
Metz cathedral

Luxembourg was a nice experience as well and I am glad we were driving a bit through the small country, because one can see the other more down to earth side of the country which differs a lot from the posh Luxembourg City.

Luxembourg City
We arrived on the Luxembourg Day and after some crêpes, we had a nice ride on the ferris wheel which gives a great view from above. 

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