Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Soundsuits by Nick Cave

Lately I came across some interesting projects which achieve the symbiosis of different aspects of art and design which I would like to introduce to you.

The first example are the the soundsuits by Nick Cave who is a performance artist and fabric sculptor from the USA where he teaches fashion at the School of Art in Chicago. He has been creating wearable sculptures for nearly twenty years now and with his work he creates a symbioses between fashion, art, architecture, music and dance. 
Each piece is formed from an wide array of materials such as sequins, twigs, feathers, knit pieces, buttons, beads, wire, metal, human hair and voodoo dolls. 

Nick Cave, who has also worked as a dancer, incorporates his appreciation of human form and movement in the development of his soundsuits. The pieces are intended to be worn, because the quality of each ensemble is further enhanced by the dynamism of the person inside the outfit. 
Every soundsuit creates a different sound and invites to dance, feel and dream art while another function is also to protect the person who wears the sculpture and create a shelter. 

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