Wednesday, 27 February 2013

creative pizza baking

I was experimenting a bit with pizza baking and found a couple of nice combinations to try out. The dough is easy to prepare. You just need:
250g of flour
175 ml of warm water
20g of yeast
a pinch of sugar and salt

Then solve the yeast in the water together with the water and sugar and mix it under the flour and salt. Let it rest until it doubles in size! Roll out the dough on a baking paper and sprinkle with olive oil, spread some seasoned tomato pulp on top of it and get creative.

The pizza on the picture has a topping of 100g Parma ham, some parmesan cheese and fresh rocket

Variation 2: 
If you are craving for something salty try instead a topping of 8-10 anchovy filets and black olives

Variation 3: 
And for the vegetarians try a topping of 250g of artichoke hearts, 2 yellow peppers and 2 gloves of garlic

Cover the topping with a layer of mozzarella cheese and let it bake at 200°C until golden brown and enjoy!

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