Wednesday, 10 April 2013

fashion and the art of illustration

Fashion illustration could be seen as an art form on its own and I would like to show you two great examples of creating characters between fiction and reality. Let me introduce you first to Lula. You won’t believe it, but she is the creative director of the all illustrated herself magazine. Being drawn she is able to travel between fantasy and reality, between dreams and needs, between the past and future. 
      Lula in Dior fall/ winter 2014
For the current issue for example she meets Anita Garibaldi, Princess Leia Skywalker and Josephine Baker. I liked the idea immediately of letting your imagination go rampant and think how this women would live in our century, learn about their passion and also see how they would express their personality in style and clothes. 

                               Lula & Leia Skywalker
Anita Garibaldi by Herslf

Also fictitious characters are a strong source of inspiration;  just imagine the strength of characters like Leeloo in the 5th element in her Gaultier design or the style icon Carrie Bradshaw. They are as real as the actors behind them. I think every form of good design tells a story.

the SUSU girls in Dolce & Gabbana spring/summer 2013

The other girls you should meet are the SUSU girls by the Australian-Korean designer JSK. The description of a SUSU girl is a unique and confident woman like Lula who is drawn to something edgy. She loves trends and fashion, but is not afraid to explore and follow her own intuition. She is basically like one of us.

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