Sunday, 7 July 2013

a taste of Tuscany - Panzanella

I am just back from the Italy trip and still in excited holiday mood. We have seen so much during the last one week, so many different places and landscapes and all have their special history, food and wine. 
I will tell you more about it once I have finished unpacking, but for now I like to share a recipe with you for a tuscan bread salad called Panzanella. It looks and tastes like summer.

You need one loaf of Tuscan white bread
6 ripe tomatoes
1 red mild onion
basil leaves
few tablespoons of red wine vinegar
olive oil
salt & pepper

1. cut the bread in small pieces and let it soak in cold water
2. meanwhile cube the tomatoes and slice the onion in fine pieces 
3. add fresh basil leaves and mix everything in a bowl
4. take small amounts of bread, squeeze it well and crumble over the tomato mix
5. make a dressing out of olive oil, vinegar, salt & pepper and add it to the salad
6. refrigerate for 30 minutes and enjoy!

You can serve it as a salad or as a side dish together with roasted meat for example.

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