Sunday, 12 January 2014

a new dress - working title Cindy

At the end of the last year, I had the idea to make a little collection and reflect what I have learnt so far about materials and shapes and what influences the way I dress. Instead of using one of my vintage patterns I wanted to experiment a bit and create my own one. I had this asymmetric dress in my mind and created the pattern for the skirt based on the idea of a full-circle skirt, though I have used an ellipse instead of a circle.

                                                the underskirt
finally ready 

As material I have used a black wool-crepe with a great fall. Though this also means it is not so easy to tame. It doesn't like to be tailored and pressed into shape. So I took the idea of the jungle girl dress and let the bodice softly fall from one shoulder. The underskirt helps to keep it in shape.


under construction

And this is how far I got today. Some finishing work still needs to be done, but I think next weekend my Cindy dress is ready!

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