Thursday, 20 February 2014

Fashion Week Milan - Prada

As the invitation showed, the Prada Fall/Winter Womenswear show was Act 2 of a piece inspired by political avant-garde theater, choregrapher Pina Bausch, artist Joseph Beuys, director Rainer Werner Fassbinder and the music of Kurt Weill.  Act 1 being the menswear show earlier this year, the second act concentrated more on the work of Fassbinder. The setting was similar gloomy as before with mezzanines, pits and platforms and was even emphasized by the spotlights which created the atmosphere of a dark road. The atmosphere and setting fitted perfectly to the soundtrack of the show, a live performance in cabaret style, telling from the dark sides of love, in German. The performer was Barbara Sukowa, who played the main character in Fassbinder's movie "Lola" from 1982, an adaptation of the Marlene Dietrich's Blue Angel, and of course she was interpretating Kurt Weill!
The  first glimpse of the collection were a pair of red boots entering a circle of light followed by an interesting play with layers, patterns, textures and transparencies. The first looks for example were transparent dresses and skirts combined with jackets and coats, followed by a graphical Art Déco theme.
One of my favorite look is the black and grey coat which seems to consist of thousand small circles and which is combined with a red skirt as a color accent.







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