Saturday, 15 March 2014

dreams built for fashion I - set design for Dior

With the amazing set design of the Dior fashion shows, I started to wonder who is doing those amazing catwalks and I soon stumbled over the name Bureau Betak which is specialized in fashion shows and special events and has its offices in the most important fashion metropoles around the world.
Fashion, Art & Design are a strong unity which complement each other. While the fashion world eagerly sucks up new designs trends, materials and concepts to satisfy its needs of creating smashing visuals, it gives back new images and spaces to architecture and design. I have introduced you already to Rem Koolhaas who collaborates since the year 2000 with Prada and has created not just architecture, but took also a deeper look into the values behind the brand and visualized them in look books and movies.

Dior Prêt-à-porter
Fall/ Winter 2014
"City Lights" is a play of lights in an abstracted electric flowering ceiling with changing colors. Together with the fast music beat, it emphasizes the dynamic of modern life.

Dior Haute Couture
Spring/ Summer 2014
The Haute Couture collection is set in an abstract, white cave like structure. The detailed design is unified by the purity of the white and emphasizes the delicate materials of the collection.


Dior Prêt-à-porter
Spring/ Summer 2014
The summer collection was presented in a toxic garden. The flowers seem to take over the place, a motif also visible in the collection, where stripes of floral fabric distract the classical Dior silhouettes.

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