Sunday, 2 March 2014

Fashion Week Paris - Jean Paul Gaultier

Fasten your seat belt tight, put your Chanel bags inside the locker and can the french refrain from smoking, we are on a journey to intergalactic spaces. If you wonder what to wear on such a trip, Jean Paul Gaultier has the answer in form of cyber green organza body suits in combination with thigh high metallic wader boots and a space helmet-like head piece. And on a side note out there fox fur comes in an acid neon orange.
The journey took an anarchic turn when a bearded, mohawked male model in a tartan kilt tried to enter the space ship followed by a family of punks. They invades the ship and raised their Union Jacks in form of red, white and blue Britannia patriotic  looks. Finally astronaut Gaultier appeared for his finale bow in a silver lame space suit. Gaultier is a pro regarding intergalactic travelling, after all he has designed the costumes for the movie "The Fifth Element" and the setting reminded of the famous airport scene.










So do you think the journey was green? 

scene of the movie "The Fifth Element"

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