Friday, 4 April 2014

YSL and the movies

For those of you who are interested in Yves Saint Laurent, after the movie "L'amour fou" from 2010, there will be two movies about the French fashion designer released this year.

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"L'amour fou" is told by Yves Saint Laurent's partner Pierre Bergé and explores the life of the fashion designer from his early days in Algeria up to the height of his career and ends with the auction where Bergé, after Saint Laurent's death, auctioned the immense art collection for a good cause in 2008.

Trailer "L'amour fou"

"Yves Saint Laurent" by French director Jalil Lespert starts in 1957 when Yves Saint Laurent began his work for Christian Dior and his eponymous fashion house. Fashion during that time was something very elitist. While today designs and trends come also from streetstyle, the idea of fashion and silhouettes were created in the studio and were only accessible to a a group of chosen clients.

Yves Saint Laurent had a different view. After he left the House of Dior in 1960, he revolutionized fashion with his new approach. Youth culture and the art movements of the time influenced the designer which resulted in iconic pieces such as the first women's tuxedo, the safari jacket and the Mondrian dress. During the same time, in the late 1950s Yves Saint Laurent met Pierre Bergé who became his partner and stayed with him until his death in 2008.

The movie was released in France at the beginning of January and was featured on the Berlinale 2014 in Berlin. It has the full support by Pierre Bergé who gave the team the opportunity to exclusive insight into the archives of Saint Laurent as well as 77 original pieces and sketches to use in the film.

Trailer "Yves Saint Laurent"

Another movie should be also released this year with the name "Saint Laurent" by Bertrand Bonello which emphasizes the time frame from 1965 to 1976.

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