Thursday, 8 May 2014

Resort 2015 - Dior

Also Dior presented their Resort collection this time in New York and brought some French chic combined with practical realism over the pond. The silhouette was feminine with ultra-high-waisted, long, lean trousers and flaring, knee-length skirts. As a leitmotiv of the collection Simons has chosen "le carrĂ©" - a silk scarf which occurred in different forms like a top of a dress or skirt and gave the collection a modern, soft and breezy look.

Simons explained he found some of the prints in the house archives while others were created for the show. "I wanted to explore print without being too romantic about it," he said. "I was surprised by how raw and artistic some of the archival scarves were." Artistic is also the combinations of pattern and draping which makes this collection so the typical Dior.







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