Tuesday, 1 July 2014

5 days to create a Haute Couture jacket

My first course has just started and the topic is rather challenging. In five days we are supposed to create one half of a suit jacket using Haute Couture sewing techniques. Once started, one soon realize what kind of effort and dedication Haute Couture really means and that the schedule is more than just challenging.
Every piece of the jacket is transferred from pattern to fabric using a special type of stitch to mark the borders and the different lines of bust, waist and other important marks.

After the pieces are prepared, the forming and stabilizing starts. The collar pieces need to bend nicely around the neck, so one has yo use a technique called "picotage" to make the piece flexible. In reality this means that one is sewing tiny little stitches in a bow. I think I worked on the collar piece 5 hours!

But the work is worth it when it's finally ready and your teacher smiles at you and says "très bien". Then the assemblage of the jacket can begin. And for the first time one gets the feeling that those pieces could really become a jacket.

So far I have done half the jacket and I need to work a bit on the sleeve still. But I will show you more once back at home, because I need to work on a model and Paris has still more challenges for me to offer!

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