Saturday, 26 July 2014

Paris - from drawing to garment

Yesterday my second summer course here in Paris ended. While the first one emphasized more the technical part, this one was all about designing.
During the first week, we tried different drawing styles and approached a feel for the body and proportions. Then we created unique dresses, tops and skirts using collage and drawing techniques. The outcome was very interesting and everyone had in the end 3 looks on paper which had a common idea, so one could talk of a mini collection.


In the second week, we were realizing one of those looks, working on the mannequin. Which means, first we had to prepare the mannequin with the basic body lines and then add the lines of our creations to form the fabric according to our ideas. With the help of our experienced teacher, we came to interesting solutions and got a good insight view, what designing a garment from the scratch means and what kind of techniques is used.

The course ended with a little presentation of all the looks, we have created during 5 days of good work. And here is the big final!

Now we can use those toiles, the sample dress we have made, as a pattern and make the final dress out of it. I actually can't wait to make my dress now. And also the other looks have some good ideas I would like to work on.

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