Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Fashion Week Paris - Chanel

Paris - 30.9.2014

The set for Chanel's spring/ summer collection was the Boulevard Chanel, a street scene re-created down to the last puddle on the asphalt and pane of glass in the apartment buildings, where Karl Lagerfeld sent his models to demonstrate by toting feminist placards and chanting slogans. One might find the thought of Karl Lagerfeld as a feminist confusing, but as he described "I don't see why every human being is not on the same level." He was also thinking about the turbulent events of May 1968, when Paris took to the streets in one of the definitive popular protests of recent history. "There was an air of freedom I never felt before in Paris," he recalled. "There was one line I loved: 'It's not allowed to tell people that things are not allowed.' Today, everything is forbidden. Political correctness killed everything."

Together with those strong statements, Lagerfeld delivered a strong collection starting with psychedelic prints maybe as a reference to the late '60s, but there was also white lace and sober navy tailoring, Art Deco organzas, chain mail... as Lagerfeld said "They're all pieces everyone can play with. No '60s, no '70s, no whatever, more mode de vie than mode." Everything is allowed.











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