Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Laurents Chéhère's Flying Houses

French photographer Laurent Chéhère likes to explore cities, suburbs and countries as much as exploring the different fields of photography. With "Flying Houses" he has created fantastical, aerial still lives of mundane residences seemingly escaping from their suburban boredom. By letting them fly, Chéhère emphasizes the beauty of each individual house and gives it the chance to stand out of the mass and tell their story, no matter if fictive or real.
Stuffed with animals, flipped inside out or set a flame, the houses in Chéhère's digitally altered photographs seem to capture an entire fairy tale. The viewer is tasked not only to imagine how the house came to be airborne, but also where it's heading and who's living inside.

The surreal series was inspired by the houses of Paris' poorer neighborhoods as well as the aesthetics of movies like "The Red Balloon" by Albert Lamorisse and "Howl's Moving Castle" by Hayao Miyazaki channeling the ethereal visions of the filmmakers.

One of my favorite pictures is the "Circus", inspired by a circus at the polluted highway in the North of Paris. A dwarf dressed as a clown is trying to light a cigarette on the snowy roof. The picture in its composition is also a tribute to Fellini's movie "La Strada" and the angel in Wim Wender's movie "The Wings of desire".

Nature Morte/ Still Life
Le ligne qui sèche/ The linon which dries
Le cirque/ Circus
Caravane/ Caravan
Le Ballon Rouge/ The Red balloon
Trace au mur/ On the wall
Le Petit Journal
Show must go on
copyright of all pictures by Laurent Chéhère

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