Friday, 12 December 2014

Pre-Fall 2015: Dior

Tokyo - 11.12.2014

Since the early '50s the House of Dior has a strong connection to Japan and regarding the fashion enthusiasm and style of this nation, it was no wonder that the Pre-Fall collection was staged in Tokyo.
The show itself was not a "Japanese" show in this sense, Raf Simons wanted to expand the Dior vocabulary away from the glamourous occasion pieces to everyday wear.

"I tried to imagine a woman who was very much into the language of Dior, but she also has her garden, and she has her boyfriend with a motorcycle in the city, or she's with her kids by the sea, or out with her dogs." Raf Simons

For those moments in life there were waxed-cotton storm coats; knit vests combined with sturdy, wide-legged trousers; easy shift dresses and as a small nod toward Japanese youth culture, short plaid dresses worn with flat boots. For a pinch of glamour and edge Simons added a good portion of futuristic elements in form of Princess Leia's famous space buns and a sequin turtleneck which peeked out from the neckline of Bar coats, sleeveless Bar dresses and long fur vests.












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